best castles in europe
best castles in europe

There are many best castles in Europe and beautiful castles on this earth. There are many beautiful castles with beautiful architecture and the surrounding sea. You will also see many generations living in this castle. You will find these castles in large countries like Germany, France, Europe. Here are some of the fascinating castles.

Eltz Castle

The medieval castle is Eltz Castle, in the hills above the Mosel River between Eltz Castle and Trier, Germany.

In the Rhineland Palatinate, on the left bank of the Rhine, is the Borsheim Castle Lisijen Castle, as well as Eltz Castle, the only castle. this is one of the best castles in Europe.

These castles are surrounded by three forts. You will see that this is a twelfth-century castle known for its unique architecture.

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Since the twelfth century, it has belonged to the Els Family, still living in the Els Family in parts of the fort And now this fort is famous for photography and wedding. Inside the castle there are restaurants, and as beautiful as it is on the outside, it can be said that the interior is as unique as it is beautiful and attractive.

Eltz Castle best castles in europe
Eltz Castle


LICHTENSTEIN Castle, built-in Gothill Revival style, at Swabian Jura, Germany. The name Lee Stein is translated as a shiny stone. The place is designed by Carl Alexander of Dell.

He is described as a fictional fortress of Wurttemberg. From the castle to the southern part of the city you will see that this fort is considered to be one of the most visited imaginary palaces in Germany. this is one of the best castles in Europe.

The leaves surrounding the castle are turned into beautiful yellow-orange foliage. It takes three hours two minutes from Frankfurt to get to this castle, it takes two hours 45 minutes from Nuremberg and 50 minutes from Stuttgart.

Even if you rent a car from Germany, you can make the trip from Germany to some of the castles, where parking is available for 2 euros.

Here you will see the medieval museum wards with castles and armor suits. The fort is open daily from 9 am to 5.30 pm. The fort is closed on weekdays in March and November and is open from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

LICHTENSTEIN CASTLE best castles in europe

Chateau de Chambord( this is one of the best castles in Europe )

The most prominent example of Loire Whalley’s castles. It is hard to believe that this king Francis was made just by hunting.

It started in nineteen fifteen The Castle and the Fifty Acres Parth Kelly Loire Valley River was diverted. Inside this Castle, there are three-story sides of double fillings size.

This castle is as big as it looks, it is the biggest part of Europe.5440 hectares of land is surrounded by 32 kilometers of the wall. From its high tower, you can have a magnificent view of 360 degrees.

There are twenty-four rooms inside the island. 83 floors will be visible to you. From this, there are sixty rooms open for viewing.

chateau de Chambord best castles in europe
chateau de Chambord

Carving castle

Carving castle is the most interesting Castle in Easton Europe. Another name for this Castle is Hunyadi Castle.

And it is also known as the most amazing Castle in Romania. The name of this Castle comes from the name of the person who ordered it. This castle is built in three big names of King John of Hungary.

the knight hall which had a feast the diet hall which celebrated and the circular stare way. And the circular stare way is every hall right finger safe.

And their walls are decorated with marble, the knight hall is connected to the diet hall, they are very beautiful.

And there is an exhibition of weapons and armors, earlier there was a secret way inside it. There is a secret way inside it, for there used to be torture inside the jail of fort, there are different things for prison.

This used to be used for prisoners, the vulva kuwa is also famous. That is why the prisoner of death was killed.

Carving castle best castles in europe
Carving castle

Chateau de Chenonceau

Chateau de Chenonceau is a French Castle. The chair is built above the tower. Castle France is the most beautiful Castle.

The place where it was built, its beauty and its style attracted royalty from all over Europe and attracted the rich people.

This Castle is also known as Ladies’ Castle because in these queen’s played an important role in making it easy.

Colorful gardens make the glowing halls Uche Towers immediately obsessed with it, people come from far and wide to see their sixty-meter gallery.

Chateau de Chenonceau beautiful castle
Chateau de Chenonceau

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel The story of this fort is very famous. Which made it The thing is about 708 A.D.

One night, Father I. Oberton of Branches had a dream in which a god came and asked him to make a Castle. At first, Obert did not pay any attention to his dream, but then a god pierced Oberton’s head so that Oberton remembers and says and he will come.

The maximum height of this castle is 320 feet. There was a lot of attack on this fort but no one can win over it. Because of its stronger. A Castle is a very large Attraction. This Castle encircles the sea twice. This Castle has four more marshes.

Mont saint michel
Mont Saint Michel


You will find some information about the old Castle and its history as well. I have tried to give some brief information about the Castle in this block and let me know how you feel about this Castle. Thanks for reading my blog.



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