best hill station in india for honeymoon
best hill station in india for honeymoon

India is a beautiful country. there are many best hill station in India for a honeymoon, tourist places which you can be grateful to visit if you are planning to plan your honeymoon somewhere. Himachal Pradesh, Kerala beautiful places to make your honeymoon memorable so, you’ll find some great places to make your honeymoon package.


Kufri is one of the hill station in India which is located in the Himachal Pradesh. this place is very famous for making honeymoon destinations which is very popular in all destinations among all India. this is best hill station in India for honeymoon.

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This place is famous for winter sports, trekking and snow skiing. there are lots of honeymoon couples are coming here for making their functions. and the peak season for going to the kulfi from December to February.

best hill station in india for honeymoon kufri

Kufri having 362 kilometres from Delhi and from Shimla it is around you can come here by plane or by bus or by train. you can drive to the Shimla by train and you can change the bus or by car.

there are lots of big places which you can make your honeymoon memorable by the day one you can visit the Himalayan National park.this park is very famous for seeing Himalaya animals and some of some creatures on the earth.

by day two you can visit Mahasupi which actually tracking. you can go by the horse which is very popular for honeymoon destinations. by day three you can visit the Kufri Fun World which is adventures park you can play around which is given in the link below.

By day 3 you can visit the Shimla forest reserve sanctuary. You will find Himalayan tourist reservation bus which you can afford around 300 rupees and you can explore the whole Kufri by day 3 or 4 by this way you can explore Kufri as your honeymoon plan.

This is one of the best place and most visited place in Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is famous for skiing as well as there are very awesome trekking landmarks. which will attract meaning honeymoon couples as well as many tourists for making it unique from other honeymoon places.

Chail (Best hill station in India for honeymoon)

Chail is the most famous tourist destination as well as honeymoon destination in the Himachal Pradesh state of India.

Lots of amount of green retreat Misty weather as well as beautiful mountains makes you’re happier than ever before.

best hill station in india for honeymoon chail

You can visit hair Chail sanctuary lovers point. military schools and different kind of valleys are famous. For your tourist as well as honeymoon destinations.

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Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar is the second most famous tourist destination as well as a honeymoon destination for couples. Khajjiar is situated at the 12 kilometres from the Shimla.

This place is called as mini Switzerland of India. Simple story behind that Switzerland president has visited the Khajjiar and they have felt like this place is very similar to mini Switzerland so they have given the name as mini Switzerland to the Khajjiar.


This place is situated about 12000 km from the sea level. there is always present temperature as well as the weather is over there if you have visited Khajjiar in the winter season the fog and the cedar trees make your mind blown away.

There are very famous horse riding as well as very chilling places you can see from Khajjiar.

Very famous Khajjiar lake will blow away your mind if you visited this place Khajjiar lake in October to February season your mind and your honeymoon very grateful.

You can take a car or bus to visit the Khajjiar. so in my second list is the second most famous place for your honeymoon destination.


Ponmudi is the popular hill station for a honeymoon, mountain trekker tourist in the South Indian state Kerala. Ponmudi is connecting to the Trivandrum by two-lane highways.


When you reach near to the Ponmudi where you started from the 18 km from before you reach to the Ponmudi. Some of the very scenic view as well as nose cutting ribbons highways which are the breathtaking highways connecting to the Ponmudi.

Ponmudi is called as little Kashmir of Kerala. Ponmudi is having a very large green tree as well as very clear water and some of the very breathtaking views from the roads which make honeymoon destination is favourite in the South Indian state Kerala.

Some of the very famous notable as well as tourist attractions are Peppara wildlife sanctuary Eko points and there are different sports which makes your eyes catchy. valleys, as well as golden valley near Kallar river, are famous spots near Ponmudi.


Doodhpathri tourist destination is famous honeymoon destination in the Jammu Kashmir state of India and it is located in the district of Jammu Kashmir state.


Doodhpathri is called a valley of milk because it is with lots of pine and faded remix.

Doodhpathri is already covered with lots of mountains and as we know that Jammu Kashmir is the Switzerland of the India Doodhpathri is famous for its snow-covered mountains which makes your honeymoon perfect destination.

there’s always temperature remains below 25 and cold weather and Misty weather makes your honeymoons more special than ever before.

There are various activities you can do at the Doopathri is that horse riding mountain trekking then water sports and there are many hotels as well as many double which you make your tour at Kashmir perfect.

This valley is at the distance of 2 hours from Srinagar which is the capital of Jammu Kashmir and from Gurgaon, it is 12 kilometres so you can easily reach from Srinagar.

There are beautiful green meadows as well as the very beautiful river it is felt like a river is dancing down and the clouds are making their Misty noise which will make you feel like your in the heaven of India.

by the way, this is one of the expensive as well as a very famous destination so you will always find many peoples are surrounding and hanging over there and this is very happening today’s so you can find out a different amount of foods different amount of cultures over there.


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