best places to go in switzerland
best places to go in switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries of your dreams. It is said that the train that comes to your eyes is a beautiful place to see the snow-covered mountains. you might hear these best places to go in Switzerland. There are also castles here that attract you. From this trip, we will know where we can explore and save our expenses in Switzerland.


How to reach:

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. This is where you should visit to enjoy nature up close. You can get to this place by train. From the train station, you can reach this peak in about ten minutes.

Beauties to enjoy in Zurich

You can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from this peak. What makes this place most appealing is that it is a delightful dinner to be served in the snowy years, with the lights of the nearby city visible at night.

Nearby places:

You can enjoy a close-up view of the city through this Zurich Lake. In this lake, you can see the nearby breathtaking scenery while you are boating and drinking coffee or drinks. Taking a ferry across Zurich Lake takes you to see the Gold Coast homes.

This ferry is about 1.5 minutes.

“Zurich is for history lover traveller”

It is a very happy place for those who know the history of this place. The reason is that you can see more than 100 art galleries in this place, as well as more than 50 museums in this area. This place is having more than 10 shopping mall.

best places to go in switzerland zurich
“Zurich City” source & credits – Wikipedia


enjoy nature by dream gardens

The second cool tourist place in Switzerland is Bern. you should visit the Garden daily in the Bern. Of course, you can truly enjoy nature here. Here you will find 220 varieties of roses. In this garden, you will find two hundred species of iris Rhododendrons.

This place has large dragons of redwood. Sitting on a bench in the garden is a unique pleasure to enjoy. You will be able to read about it by taking a book from the library near here.

This Garden is on the banks of the river.

You will see the old town on the east side of the Garden. Sitting on a bench in the garden, you can enjoy stunning sunsets and more.

There are also playgrounds near this garden. You can go to a restaurant in this garden to enjoy the food here.

take a bold look of the clock tower of Burn

There is a clock tower at Burn. it looks very appealingly. From the inside, we can see the movement of this clock. Take a close look at all the mechanical motifs in this watch’s movements as well as enjoy the breathtaking surroundings that surround it.

Old town is surreal

The Old Town is completely surrounded by the river Eyre. So you will find it very attractive. This is where you can easily reach by bus.

The Town Hall is the seat of the Cantonal Government, with a number of medieval rooms with a single discussion orange and convention. There is a town hall five minutes from the train. The hall is open Monday to Friday.

best places to go in switzerland bern
” Bern” Source and credits: Pixabay/xmax88


Geneva tribute of nature

Geneva is a place surrounded by nature. Seeing a snow-capped mountain will become one of your memories. And likewise, visiting the world’s tallest water fountain.

surround of geneva by art galleries and monuments

The monument is located at Jet d’Au. These high water fountains when we look at them. At that time, particles of water coming into the air will slowly touch you on your limbs. This is where you will find more museums as well as an international Red Cross known as the Art Gallery.

There is also a market for shopping nearby. trying different items in these markets enjoy the pleasant surroundings of the neighbourhood.

best places to go in switzerland geneva
“Geneva” Source and credits: Pixabay/ Luis Francisco Pizarro Ruiz


architectural city Basel

Basel is a city full of architecture art and design. The city is situated on the Rhine River, surrounded by various cultural themes.

If you are interested in a cultural trip, you should definitely visit this place. This is where you will find large art museums. These museums are about 40. Animal Museum in Basel. This zoo museum is also known as the largest museum in Switzerland.

In this museum, you will find various animal species. In Basel, you can easily reach by bus or by planetoidal Museum in Basel.

In it, you can get a glimpse of their history. You can see the city displaying amazing art and excitement on the river.

amazing bridges with smooth silky moving water of Rhine river will surely fall in love with the amazement of this city. Experience everything that is in this place. When you visit the Art Design Museum in this place, you will find information about it.

best places to go in switzerland basel
“Basel” source and credits: Wikipedia


beautiful tourist attraction and lake city “Lugano

Lugano is a beautiful city in Switzerland. Lugano Lake is a tourist attraction. The colourful flowers in this place can be seen in the fascinating fountains as well as the very picturesque view of the lake near the historic trees.

cultural city Lugano

You will find the city of Lugano surrounded by cultural and historical art. Here you can see the beautiful traditions of the village of Gadea, which is located in a historical tradition. As well as a romantic sunset, you enjoy the breathtaking views of the top monte.

Lugano, Ticino, San Salvatore, Water, Travel, Nature
“Lugano” source and credits: Pixaay/ saysay75

Save the money ( best places to go in Switzerland )

A trip to Switzerland is one of the most beautiful memories of your life. If you want to reduce the cost of these trips you can book an apartment rather than book a hotel. You can try to book this apartment online.

And you can do it anytime you want by taking the Swiss Travel Pass, a bus-train, or a trip by public transport.
The rates of flights may vary from place to place, it will around 480 USD from Mumbai.


Some of the tourist destinations in Switzerland are listed in this blog. let me know in the comment below how do you feel after reading this blog.


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