best places to visit in paris
best places to visit in paris

Paris is the capital of France, a large city It is the epicenter of fashion, the arts, the gastronomy, the world of culture. best places to visit in Paris are list here. Paris is a charming place where you will find sidewalk cafes, world-class museums, flaming boutiques. Below are some of the things you can do in Paris if you are on a trip to Paris.

Palais Royal Gardens

You can explore this garden from the 174th-century palace wall. It is one of the best places in the region to live in. There is a landmark here that you can see is a very beautiful landmark.

Here is an exclusive gallery run by an American woman in love with Paris. This is where the city’s cheesecake and branch lights can taste.

There you can see the classic style of this theater. The Royal Garden is so beautiful that you should definitely visit it.

best places to visit in paris palaris royal gradens
Palais Royal Gardens

Degas, Renoir, and Manet at the Musée d’Orsay

The method, Monet, Paris, Gazin, as well as Orsay, the state-owned gallery Orsay will include Direction DN, two terrific restaurants that awaken the Ors Decez ton station, as well as a world-class tour.

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You can see this great museum in this place. Such a beautiful place is a must-visit place. Paris is such a beautiful place that you can find a wonderful vista of epic aftermath, from the Eiffel Tower to the Raleigh Jardin des Tuileries to the Petit Café.

best places to visit in paris
Degas, Renoir, and Manet at the Musée d’Orsay

Musée Picasso

This place has an art gallery. You will find the Art Gallery of Musli ka Picasso at the Hotel Salle in the Rue de Thorigny in the Marais district of Paris.

Lots of museum artwork paintings sculpture drawings in the art gallery and this collection contains thousands of individual collection pieces of personal development, including documentary and personal photography of artists.

The most popular museum you will definitely visit.

best places to visit in paris  musee picasso
Musée Picasso

World’s Greatest Art Collection at the Louvre

This is the largest art museum in the world. The largest art museum is located at 6,75,000 square feet.

Here you will find the most popular of the three museums: Monalisa, Winged Victory, Winsady Milo. Paris’s most recognized tour is the Eiffel, but the ultimate travel reward is the Louvre, the largest museum in the world.

There are many beautiful museums that you should definitely visit.

Louvre best places to visit in paris

Foundation Louis Vuitton

The building is a cultural and museum center of art. The Guggenheim architecture at Bilbao Frank Gehry is as close as the Jardine disclaimer Boise de Boulogne is located here.

you will enjoy visiting the architecture created by Frank Gehry. Well done Charlotte was definitely a woman before her generation.

Here you can see the magnificence of her designs in modern times. The beauty that was designed by Frank Gehry is an art in itself.

best places to visit in paris  foundation louis vuitton
Foundation Louis Vuitton

Gothic Notre Dame de

Taking the famous Notre Dame Cathedral across the Seine River, you will find flowers and markets as well as leafy vegetable stalls by artisans.

The choir here is very spectacular with the sound of the song you will hear here in a very beautiful way. This is where most of the queues will take you a long time, but if you go nearby, it will be convenient to see them in the summer.

Situated on a scenic island on the Sin River, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world in which you can see the beautiful towering Goyles flying architecture tower.

best places to visit in paris  gothic notre dame
Gothic Notre Dame

Bateau Mouche

It is one of the only boats available for tourists to the city, which is visible on the banks of the Seine River at Butte Mouche Hey, Paris France.

It also works on the Paris canal, such as St. Martin’s, which is partly underground. The boats here are very popular tourist attractions in Paris.

It was started in 1867 in an exhibition with steam. There are hundreds of people sitting in it, as well as closed lower decks Some have sloping roofs that can be closed for open protection in difficult weather.

Bach’s tours may often include live or recorded commentary at places along the river. A typical cruise takes about an hour. Many companies here also offer dinner cruises.

Bateau Mouche
Bateau Mouche

Drop on Rue Saint-Honoré

Like many such streets in the heart of Paris, Saint Honoré is a road built just before the Middle Ages. The shops are open Monday to Saturday when you visit the set-up when shopping for Elite French brands and designers.

You can also do a designer wear Jimmy Choo and a shoe design trick at Mac. You will also find large wines at the Food Hall.

Makeup and beauty tips that you can do here. Palace Royal Hack itself is an upscale shopping maize startup and ends at Alice Palace near the Champs Elysees, also a place to satisfy the most beautiful shoppers.

Rue Saint-Honoré
Rue Saint-Honoré

the charm of Parisian covered passages

Built-in the nineteenth century, this arcade is covered with glass panels painted in other buildings. This is one of the main features of Parisian architecture.

The shop now has restaurant rooms. The oldest passage here is the Panoramas. Each arcade here has its own character, Passage Brady, also known as Little India.

There are numerous Indian Mauritius Pakistan and Reunion shops in this place. Vivienne, the gallery adjacent to the Palace Royal, is one of the dead preserved paragraphs.

Passage du Grand Surf is an iron bar made of 12m metal height, which is one of the most attractive arcades in Paris.

Then the Colonnade and Rotunda Institute National D’Store Art and the Institut National National du Patromin are free to roam through the public gallery surrounded by a glass-domed house.

covered passages
covered passages

The best of the Marais( best places to visit in Paris)

One of the most popular districts of the Marais is also known as Old Paris. The magnificent mansions, the gardens, the open roads, the motorway are very beautiful by the entrance.

At the Haute Marais, you will find cocktail sips for a walk around the background of world-class historic buildings, brunch, lunch, shopping, friendly viewing.

Myers is an art preserve and the local game here is the gallery hopping. In this area of ​​ultra-trendy, you’ll find their fashion boutique chic, paving cafes, cocktail bars, contemporary art galleries.



There are plenty of places to visit in Paris, some of them I have selected in this block are very beautiful. Paris is a great place to visit and how tourist attractions are famous for reading this blog. let me know in the comment. best places to visit in Paris are completed.


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