best places to visit in Pune!! you might haven’t visited!!!

best places to visit in pune
best places to visit in pune

in this post, I am sharing the best places to visit in Pune. Pune is the cultural as well as the heritage city of Maharashtra. once in a lifetime you might visit Pune so, you must know the temples of Pune but there are plenty of temples which is hidden or you might not visit in your lifetime.

so in this post, I am sharing you top 10 best places to visit in Pune might be unvisited and unexplored. so you can surely make a round trip to Pune with these amazing places.

  • Kalash Temple

Distance in pune – 29 km.

Have you ever seen Kalash Temple? just like Pune, this temple is very similar to the shape of Kalash. You can see a temple in a very pleasant atmosphere can be found on the rainy days, this temple looks very uplifted by the presence of the temple. The Kalash Temple is also known as Shankeswar Temple. We can see here that the Kalash Mandir is near to Mumbai Pune Highway. This temple is very close to the Talegaon Toll Plaza Mumbai Pune Road. The dining area is very beautiful. Breakfast is very beautiful here. You can see if you find out what the difference is. let me know exactly how you feel after visit this temple.

kalash temple best place in pune
Kalash Temple
  • Prati Pandharpur Temple

Distance in pune – 60 Km.

Mountains covered with a green shawl in such a beautiful environment in the rainy season. We love the beautiful greenery. It is a wonderful place to visit in such beautiful surroundings. architecture of the Pandharpur temple is very beautiful Green tree on the way to Pandharpur And you can see different carvings on this temple which is very beautiful as you see the cold winds moving slowly. This temple is established by Maharaj Sattarkar Baba. You get to see it in the rainy season. There are thirty steps to go up here and some temples that are very attractive. There are many things to see in these temples. Please let me know what it looked like in the sights of Prati Pandharpur in Pune. Nearby there is Pavana Dam, Pavana Dam is a sightseeing place. After visiting Pandharpur temple, you can visit Lonavala, a beautiful place to visit on a rainy day.

best places to visit in pune prati pandharpur
Prati Pandharpur Temple
  • Hadashi Temple

Distance in pune- 43Km.

Have you ever seen a saint darshan museum? Saint darshan museum is a museum in pune. that is named Hadshi Temple. If you want a picnic for a day, then the Hadshi Temple is a very nice option. at the start, on a day trip in the morning, you visit the Chinmaya Vibhuti Ganapati Temple. The idol of Ganesh is very attractive here. distance is one kilometre is here and beautiful temple you can see here. Nearly 5.5 km Maruti temple is also seen here. Whether it came down to heaven, how do you see the green flowers that surround it? While performing kirtan in this temple, Warkari is found in the Hadshi Temple. Vitthal Rukmini idol is very beautiful, so if you love this place you can surely try out.

best places to visit in pune hadshi temple
Hadashi Temple

In monsoon, there will be a lot of tourists in the rainy season. And children under the age of five can attend the Free Museum In this museum you can see many different types of idols which are also very attractive attractions. In this museum, there is a huge statue of Onkareshwar. Tell us what it is It is very beautiful it is Mount Kailas they think that if we really came to this Kailasa mountain, it seems that we know from our old history that we know the whole story of devotee Pundalik Vitthal. Likewise, if you are fond of taking photos, there are many idols where you can do selfie. It can be very nice here is a waterfall and likewise, a small garden is also tempted. If you like Dharma Hadashi Temple, of course, please let me know after visiting here.

  • Swami Narayan Temple

Distance in pune- 12Km.

If you live in Pune, then there is the Swaminarayan Temple which is very beautiful. It is beautiful in the rainy season. If you look at this temple, you can see the temple is something miraculous. In this rainy season, the temple looks very uplifting. You see the beautiful carvings in the centre of the lotus in the round shape of the lotus. In the middle of the temple, you can see the cleanliness of the temple. This temple is seen in the rain. If you come to this temple at 5pm, the colorful lighting made in this temple attracts you. The lighting shows the beauty of this temple. Let me know exactly when given outside the Swaminarayan temple, the garden is beautifully designed, and in this garden we find different types of trees as well as different designs.

best places to visit in pune Swami Narayan Temple
Swaminarayan Temple
  • Pataleshwar Temple

Distance from Pune- 1.2 Km.

Have you seen the Pataleshwara Temple? This temple is in Pune, Jangli Maharaj Road, Shivajinagar. It is full stone. The temple of Pataleshwar is known as a Mahadev temple and the rate is very attractive. as it is a beautiful temple on the Temple avati bhovatice environment patales
Very pleasant and happy we find the temple is a different attraction. Pataleshwara Temple is excavated in the form of caves of the eighth century of Rashtrakut dynasty. After entering the temple, rows of cubic columns are visible. Shivling ie Mahadev’s body is seen in the middle sanctum and on the left and right side we see the shield.

Pataleshwara Temple is a very ancient temple. We can see the stonework done by Pataleshwara temple in full stone. After the lights are placed in this temple in Diwali, it is very beautiful at night.

best places to visit in pune pataleshwar temple
Pataleshwara Temple
  • Birla Temple

Distance in pune- 30Km.

If you have ever seen a large statue of Lord Shri Ganesh, the great deity of Maharashtra, you start at the base of Shree Ganesha. A Shri Ganesh idol is the largest known as Birla Temple in Pune. There is something different about the fun of visiting this temple in the rainy season. At that moment, the beautiful Ganesha idol, which is full of clouds, comes near to lay hands on its feet at the first moment. The atmosphere around Shri Ganesh idol is very attractive. It is seen in Pune. This Birla temple is what we used to think, whether it is Shri Ganesh or not. If you are new you should definitely visit and let me tell you Birla Temple is near to Old Pune Mumbai Highway.

best places to visit in pune bir;a temple
Birla Temple
  • Prati shirdi Temple

Distance in pune- 32Km.

If you are living in Pune, nearby is Shirdi temple at Shirgaon. Shirdi temple is built exactly like Shirdi. You can see this temple as Shirdi. You see this temple is similar to Shirdi You can see the beautiful architecture of the temple of Shirdi, as well as the carving on the outside of the temple of Shirdi. So you will appear as you can see in the Shirdi, as well as some of their used utensils in the back of the temple in the Shirdi, = if you really entered Shirdi after seeing this Shirdi. There is a lot of atmosphere around us The technology appears to have created over the Shirdi temple very beautiful way this place is, I know exactly how you felt.

best places to visit in pune prati shirdi temple
Prati Shirdi Temple
  • ISKCON temple

Distance in pune- 3.3 Km.

If you are staying in Pune, you will find the idol of Krishna Sakshi Naga in front of your eyes. as you enter the temple where the ISKCON temple is located at Katraj Camp. The side will see carvings as well as temples. There is a happy and pleasant atmosphere where you will see Shri Radha Rundavan Chandra idol of Lord Krishna. You will see the temple exit than on the right side is Shri Balaji Temple. Balaji Temple is very beautiful and in front of the temple, you will see a garden like small children. It is also a place for children to play in. You can talk about God or something different Yet know exactly how I felt the house you get to buy different things.

best places to visit in pune iskon
ISKCON temple
  • Prati Balaji Temple

Distance in pune- 42Km.

The hill covered with a green shawl in the rainy season and the Prati Balaji temple perched in it is very beautiful. When you go to the temple you find the temple big This door and the bells on it appear beautifully crafted. After entering, you will see a beautiful and attractive statue of Balaji in the temple. Balaji is a beautiful temple that looks very beautiful. You will see a beautiful temple-like Balaji in Andhra Pradesh. This temple has very good dining facilities. After leaving the temple, the garden is very beautiful. The Balaji temple is very attractive. We see the beautiful architecture of the temple at BalajiGoing to this temple per Balaji, you get rice planting in some villages as well as different vegetables. You get to see the farming of the village itself. You can buy vegetables or raw fruits here.

best places to visit in pune Prati Balaji Temple
Prati Balaji Temple
  • Bhuleshwer Temple

Distance in pune- 54Km.

One of the most fun places to enjoy waterfalls in the rainy season is to visit Bhuleshwar Temple in Pune. Is made of very beautiful stone. there carved work you see on the entrance to the temple you see the carvings in the stone is very attractive. The temple is a little high because the outside of the temple is very beautiful green shrubs. Mahadev in Bhuleshwar Temple is known as Pandavasali Temple, the carving and carving done on the sculpture of Bhuleshwar Temple is very beautiful. Upon entering the temples I know exactly what God Shiva Shiva and Nandi body looks very beautiful. at Bhuleshwar Temple How you felt like you to also set the look of your history. You can visit Jejuri fort near Bhuleshwar temple.

best places to visit in pune bhuleshwar temple
Bhuleshwar Temple


these are the beautiful places can be visited in the rainy season. let me know how is your trip after visiting these amazing places.



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