cool places to visit in hawaii
cool places to visit in hawaii

Hawaii is a part of the United States. there are many cool places to visit in Hawaii. Also known as the largest island, there are 8 main islands. Hawaii Island is one that you can visit at any time of the season. This is the most popular place. The following blog provides information on how to get in with the cheapest price and the activities you can do at the Hawaii Island.


Na pali coast state wilderness park

In this park, you can see the Pacific Ocean, four thousand feet long. You will find many beautiful waterfalls in this boat trip.

Na pali coast state wilderness park cool places to visit in hawaii
Na pali coast state wilderness park

This is where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the park as you walk along the edge of the park. You can also see closely that the cave is located in this park. You can also do helicopter tours. Helicopter tour is approximately 45 minutes.

Waimea Canyon state park

You can see the canyon pier at the bottom of the river. You can see the Kenyan wall. This park has a beautiful little swimming pool. You will see the magnificent rock. The waterfall can also be enjoyed.

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Waikiki beach

This beach is one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist attractions. There are so many activities we can do on this beach. As well as surfing, swimming, this place is a perfect beach for every entertainer. The sunset over this beach is quite spectacular. If you want to enjoy this place, restaurants are available at this location.

Waikiki beach
Waikiki beach

North Shore

At North Shore, you will see marine wildlife, as well as colourful fish, in calm, clear water. This is where you will find magnificent beaches. This place in the middle of nature is going to be very tempting. This place is attractive to tourists. This is where you will see the huge Foodland.


Haleakala national park

You will find two places to visit in this National Park. One is to enter the upper part of the park in the middle. The second is close to the island’s Hana town.

A long curved drive is required at this point. The elevation section goes up ten thousand feet. This is where you will see sunrise and sunset.

Haleakala national park cool hawaii places
Haleakala national park

You can also see them creator here. The creator is coloured sand. If you like hacking trails, you can do this place. At the bottom, you will see a nice flower.

This is known as the Seven Sacred Pool. Within ten minutes you will see a beautiful waterfall.

Road to Hana

Road to Hana -scenic Hana highway

As you travel the Hana road, you can get a closer look at the life of the plant. Also, the bamboo forests in this place are very attractive.

In the meantime, you will find beautiful flowers in the drained pond. You will be able to see the beautiful sandy beaches of the sea.

Unforgettable waterfalls, you will have the pleasure of taking a closer look at nature here.

Volcano crater

Hawaii volcano is built from the creek so you will see 42 acres growing each year due to volcanic eruption.

Saving the animal breeds is very important for the administration here in Hawaii.

Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii volcano Nation park

Hawaii volcano national park – an active volcano

You will see 2 active volcanoes south of Island. Individual tours of the museum can also be made at this location.

Hawaii volcano National park
Hawaii volcano national park

You will definitely get to know the history of this place. You can see the moon in the volcanic landscape. Information about steam vents, lava flows, caldera tea history can be found here.

You can actually see the magnificent view of the volcano erupting here.

Waipio Valley(cool places to visit in Hawaii)

This is a place filled with nature. The magnificent beaches can be seen here, the waterfalls, the rivers on all sides.

You also see wild horses here. You will see mountains full of beautiful fruit trees. You will surely love the scenic valleys.

Below are some activities you can do in each of these locations.


Hawaii is one of the most famous islands for surfing. People who love surfing a lot. This place will be very attractive to those individuals.

Here you will see surfing in different ways. It is definitely a beautiful experience here. The place with fame in this place is Y Key Beach, Ala Muala Balls The Castle of South.

Boating ventures in this area are will cost you only some bucks. The shop located at this place is 6 Am to 8: 30Pm Up to are open.

Beach hopping

Hawaii is very popular for the beach. Walking along the Seeds, you will experience the beautiful nature of this place. You will find many different beaches in this area.


You can also snorkel here. The water on this island is very clean and crystal.

At this point, you will see the beautiful beauty of the inland sea, which you have to pay at least 2,700 per person for the best price for snorkelling.

Here you will be guided how you can make snorkelling equipment. Also, there is a beach entry fee of ~10USD per person.

Stand up the pedal boating

If you like to stand up the pedal boating on Hawaii Island, you can definitely do at this place.

Stand up the pedal boating in hawaii
Stand up the pedal boating

While boating, you will enjoy the ride with the left foot and right leg standing upright. You will find a very different experience while boating on the beaches.

What to Eat in Hawaii

Manapua-buns with filling, loco moco, Haupis- coconut milk-based dessert, shave Ice, poke- fish salad, Acai Bowl, saimin Noodle, Malasada – doughnuts puffs, poi mochi. are famous dishes you will make your mouth leak.


Coconut oil product, fruit preserves & James, Hawaiian quilts, Hawaiian coffee Kona, Ukulele, Koa wood accessories, Aloha shirts, Macadamia Nuts. are famous shopping products you can try!!


December to April is the best season to visit Hawaii Island. If you want to travel at a lower cost, you can do between September to November.

Hawaii Island is the closest Honolulu airport. You will not find direct flights from India to Honolulu. There are two stops in this.

If you want to fly by cheapest, the first stop in Delhi to Honolulu is London. It will cost you 49000/ -. It will take you 4 hours and 25 minutes to this place It will take a while to get going.


Please tell me how you feel in Hawaii Island in the comment box. If you like this new place information and tips you should go here. If you liked this blog, please share with your friends and family.



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