moscow beautiful places
moscow beautiful places

One of the popular tourist attractions in Russia is Moscow and St. Petersburg and another city have Moscow beautiful places. Many films have been filmed here. You will find yourself experiencing the mysterious history of this beautiful garden, museum, stadium, palace, surrounded by beautiful nature. In this blog, I have listed some of the popular destinations in these cities.

Let’s Explore St. Petersburg, Moscow:

saint Basils cathedral

The saint Basils cathedral is the most popular tourist destination in Moscow. It is one of the important church in Russia, the Cathedral of Red Square in St. Basil.

This is where you will see a very different architecture from Russian. The construction of the site was planned by Evan the Terrific. The exterior of the cathedral is very attractive. In the garden outside the discussion, you will see a statue of Kuzma Minin. You can take lots of photos in such a beautiful place and there are also many restaurants outside to have.

Moscow beautiful places  saint Basils cathedral
saint Basils cathedral Credits Pixabay

Red square

One of Russia’s beautiful destinations in the heart of Moscow is Red Square. Here you will see the history of Red Square preserving the heritage of UNESCO.

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In Red Square, you will find the Crimean Wall, the tomb of Lenin, the Cathedral of St. Basil. The architecture of this place is very impressive. Red Square means “Krasnaya Ploshchad” in Russian meaning you will see this place in such a beautiful way.

Hermitage Museum

If you would like to see a collection of history along many of the artefacts along the river, be sure to visit the Hermitage Museum. It takes at least five hours to get around here.

You can spend your time here and make a separate trip to the museum of these places. There are different artists in this place which you can see in Italian Art, Russian Art, English Art. Many of the religious jewellery patterns, including the 30000 diamonds, necklaces, rings, peacock watches on the horse blanket, can be seen.

Moscow beautiful places Hermitage Museum
Hermitage Museum Credits: Flickr

If you go to the cross-section, you will see the throne room, as well as the classical antiques, the treasure gallery, the Italian skylight hall.

Bolshoi Theater

You will see the design of the Bolshoi Theater in the buildings, with its fascinating history as a new stage bull’s Bolshoi. You can also visit the ballet company’s room as well as enjoy the dance and music here.


This place is definitely worthwhile to take a closer look at the history of the famous Russian or Soviet as well as take a walk in the beautiful park. You can see the complete construction of the convent here.

It would look like this under construction. The city park that surrounds itself beautifully. The location near the lake is very attractive for young children to play.

Novodevichy Credits: Public domain pictures

Memorials to the Novodevichy Russian Language will be found in the cemetery. Likewise, you can see the remains of famous Russian and Soviet figures. There is also a map nearby. In this cemetery, you will find a kind of logic. The design is engraved in this cemetery.

Grand Peterhof palace

The Grand Peterhof palace is the old palace in the large complex, which tells us the story of our history and background. The Palace is west of St. Petersburg it is about 50 km.

You can also reach this place by hydro speed boat, train or bus. You can enjoy the fountain at this place from 11 am during the months of May to October.

 Peterhof st petersburg cool places
Peterhof Credits: Needpix

The architecture, magnificent rooms, natural waterfalls, paintings and attractions of this place is a great tourist attraction.

Tsarskoye Selo state museum

The Tsarskoye Selo museum is 25 kilometres from St. Petersburg. It looks like a royal palace. This palace is very large in size. It was first built in the middle of the eighteenth century.

Outside this palace, you will see this palace built in a baroque style. Here you will see Big Hall, Amber Room, Green Dining Room. The rooms here appear to be beautifully designed. There is an imposing garden in the palace. This is where you can walk around.

Summer Garden

In the rivers between the Neva River and Fotoka a beautiful garden surrounded by all the old nature in Russia. Created in 1704 by Peter the Great.

 summer garden st petersburg
Summer Garden Credits: Flickr

This is where you will find the eighteenth-century sculpture. There are numerous fountains in this garden, the surrounding trees release many spells. This garden will, in fact, be perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature, Nearby is the Summer Palace.

Alexander park

Alexander Cather is surrounded by the beautifully crafted wildflowers near Catherine Palace. In this park, you will find different kinds of trees like pine trees, different types of wildflowers, conifers.

This beautiful point-of-the-point tree, as well as the birdlife surrounding the grass, the furnace, is a beautiful place for nature lovers.

Alexander park
Alexander park credits: Pixabay

This park is close to the cello complex. Maps are available in the parks. Which are pointing you in the direction? The attractions are also here. The little restaurant morning coffee shop is right outside the park after the walk.

Catherine Palace( Moscow beautiful places )

Catherine palace is one of St. Petersburg’s most renowned sites. This palace is beautiful as it looks. Here you can see the use of Russian baroque style made by hand.

Here you have the grand entrance, the blue face, the architecture of this place is different. You can see the palace in blue and white throughout.

The information about Catherine Palace is very mysterious. This is the place where you will find the most used gold for this palace. This is where you will see the Amber Palace room as the Nazis steal it.

Catherine palace
Catherine palace Credits: visit St Petersburg

Here you will see paintings, marble statues, ceilings beautifully crafted. Those who are most interested in seeing palaces of different methods should definitely visit this place.


Russia is the Large and Riches City, which is Moscow. Here you will find beautiful places. There are many popular sights to see in St. Petersburg. These are just a few of the places I mentioned in this blog. Let me know exactly how you feel by reading this blog in the comment box. Thanks for reading the blog.


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