Ultimate top 15 paradise places in Ooty you must in 2019


this post is all about Ooty best places. Ooty is one of the beautiful tourist destinations of India. It is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is known mainly for the hill station. It is also known as Udagam Mandalam. there are such places are very exciting to see.

In this list, I have a list of places I like in Popular Places in Ooty.

1. Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden is best place of Ooty. The first name comes from the tourist destinations of Botanical Gardens Ooty Botanical Gardens. This Garden is spread over bicycles and there are about 650 rare tree plants as well as wonderful arches and colourful lily flowers to see beautiful shrubs and remnants of 2000 year old trees.

This is a prime location for those interested in botany. This botanical garden was established in 1847. There are many foot fossils. This garden is very popular among nature lovers. In the month of July, the World Festival is celebrated.

Artists take over Botanical Garden is a Government Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden is situated about one kilometre from Ooty railway station. This garden is spread over 22 hectares of land. Botanical Garden Ooty is a very popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu.

There is a beautiful garden which is maintained by the gardening department. There is a tree in this garden. The fossils of the tree are maintained. It is said that this tree is 20 million years old.

ooty best places botanical garden
Botanical Garden.

Entry fees =40Rs.

2. Ooty Lake

Seeing Ooty Lake you have a unique and pleasant experience. Flowers around the lake Various colours of flowers in all four carriages increases beauties here. Ooty lake is the best place to visit in Ooty.

Built-in 1825, the lake is 2.500 feet long. Tourists visiting here can enjoy boating and fishing. It has a beautiful garden and many shops and many swings.

You can also enjoy the many features that come here because of these features. Ooty Lake is a very large and fascinating article. Here you can play games for kids. Likewise, you can go horseback riding here.

The entry fee here is Rs 15. Ooty Lake is man-made. Ooty Lake is about three kilometres from Ooty City. Many pictures have been shot in Ooty Lake. You can boat for a long time. You can enjoy natural beauty by boating in calm water.

3. Toy Train

The toy train is the best place to visit in Ooty. This historic train was started by the British in the year nineteen hundred eight. Some of them still operate with steam engines. You can buy tickets from this train so that you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Ooty.

On this, the shooting of the Toy Train Superhit movie Dil Se Ray Chaiya Chaiya song was shot here. The Toy Train, called the Nilgiri Mountain Train, is characterized by its youngest ten Renee locomotive, over 50 years old and 80 years old. The train starts at Mettupalayam. The train system is unique and beautiful to visit.

Entry Fee=First class=205 INR. Second Class=30 INR. Unreserved category=15 INR.

Time Required=5-6 hours.

ooty best places tou train
Toy Train

4. Rose Garden

This is the largest Rose Garden in India. it is one of Ooty best places to visit. This Rose Garden is located on the slopes of El Hill at an altitude of 22 meters from the beach. Here you can see many different types of roses.

You can see that this beautiful garden is like heaven on earth. The entry fee here is 40 Rs. Here you can see about 20,000 roses. Rose Garden Established on May 20, 1995, the tropical climates appear in the garden.

Therefore, the climate for the roses in this garden is perfect. Every day we see the garden spread over ten acres. There are more than twenty thousand roses of 2800 varieties in the garden every day There you will see varieties. Here you will see beautiful bouquets of roses as well as angel figurines made beautifully.

rose garden ooty best places
Rose Garden

5. Shooting point

If you go to Ooty, you must definitely go to the shooting point. The film was made by the 1994 superhit film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, this is the magic of the season, Mitwa these songs were shot here and I loved it. Shahrukh Khan’s(raj) remarkable story of love, Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Rosa like movies were shot here.

ooty best places shooting point
Shooting point

6. Doddabetta Peak

It is the highest mountain of the Nilgiri. The climatic observatory is the highest peak in the mountains of Nilgiri district in the state of Tamil Nadu, and the highest peak in the southern Himalayas.

At this peak is the Meteorological Observatory, which also has an irrigation government garden.

It is 10 kilometers from the Ooty so it can be easily accessed from here.
It has a height of 2623 meters. Monkey can be seen all over the place.

ooty best places doddabetta peak
Doddabetta peak

7. Dolphin Nose point

At this point, you can see some of the songs from the superhit picture shot at this point Dolphin Notes Point, and you can see the beautiful mountain in full bloom, and you can see exactly what Natural Beauty is like in monsoon.

The entry fee here is 10Rs. The dolphin nose is located in Kannur in Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu. The dolphin nose is ten kilometers from Coonoor and more than 1550 meters above sea level is the dolphin hose.

The peak is similar to dolphin hose. This peak is named Dolphin Nose. To the left and right of the Dolphin Nose, you will see a large canyon.

dolphin nose point ooty best places
Dolphin Nose point

8. Thread Garden

you can see the beautiful decoration made in this garden by using different kinds of handmade flowers, flowers made of yarn without using plastic.

These are the flowers in showcase you can buy. The entry fee here is 20Rs. You will see this garden in ten to fifteen minutes. This garden is right in front of Lake Ooty.

In this garden, women have made flowers using thread which has taken almost 12 years to make these flowers.

ooty best places thread garden
Thread Garden

9. Tea Factory

If you have come here in Ooty’s, do not forget to visit the tea factory, in this tea factory, you get the opportunity to get familiar with the process of making tea, green tea or a cup of green tea brought from the garden, or these will serve you at finest taste.

You will get the taste of pure tea of ​​all the leaves made in tea factory through the beautiful mold . you can but a different variety of tea powder like green tea chocolate tea etc.

ooty best places tea factory
Tea Factory

10. Pine Forest

You must visit the pine forest near Ooty. You will see beautiful trees of high eucalyptus trees here. Many pictures have been shot here.

Horseback riding is a big tree and you can even take photos here. If you come here in the monsoon, then, of course, you will see Natural Beauty. The entry fee here is 10Rs.

Forest is a small valley area. Most of the songs are filmed here. The mountains in Dhukyan are very clear air. The location in Ooty is very famous for shooting. This is the true paradise for nature lovers. This place in Ooty is very well known among the directors. In the Pine Forest, you will find many varieties of trees.

ooty best places pine forest
Pine Forest

11. Pyakra Boat House

If you come to the monsoon, you can see the beauty of the beautiful backdrop of the shrubs and the beautiful hills here.

You can do some boating. Such a pyakra waterfall is here you must visit. Get a Boat House is very clean and tidy. This boathouse is on foot.

Here you will find many different boats. Right here you can buy a powerboat. Here you can get this boat for four to five people. Here you have to pay Rs 550 in twenty minutes rights.

ooty best places pyakara boat house
Pyakra Boat House

12. Sleeping Lady Point (Ooty best places)

Sleeping Lady’s Point is about two kilometers from Dolphin Nose Point. About one kilometer from Ooty is the hill station of Tamil Nadu. Gardens will be seen.

Sleeping Lady Mountain Mrs. Corning British woman says” The mountains that look like sleeping pregnant woman was sitting” and where he painted the beautiful face of the woman milelaatisaya see you at the right point, you see exactly if you saw Sleeping Lady.

ooty best places sleeping lady point
Sleeping lady point

13. Kamaraj Sagar Dam (Ooty best places)

ooty best places kamaraj sagar dam
Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Kamaraj Sagar Dam is located in Nilgiri district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. This dam is sandynalla reservoir also known as the dam. Ooty is about ten kilometers from the bus stop.

The picture is shot The fishing is done in the dam This is a beautiful dam You must visit here.

14. Wax museum(Ooty best places)

There is a museum about one kilometer from the Ooty Railway, which is a Maine museum inaugurated and constructed by Shri Bhaskaran, the architect of IT professionals.

Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak Here you will see the statue of the Indian Army, including the President of US Obama, as well as the statues of Mother Teresa APJ Abdul Kalam.

In this Wax Museum, you will also find idols of the peasant potters. These wax museums are so fascinating I would definitely visit.

ooty best places wax museum
Wax Museum

15. Thunder World (Ooty best places)

Thunder World is known as Dinosaur Park. Jurassic Jungle is a haunted house. After visiting this park, your past comes to you.

This park is divided into different themes. The 5D experience of the place can be both enjoyable and terrifying. you will see you like a replica of the Taj Mahal Park in Golden Gate India Howrah Bridge

ooty best places thunder world ooty
Thunder World


Thus there are some Ooty best places that you can innovate and walk in a full Ooty in two to three days. All the palaces we have listed are very thoughtful and very analyzed as you enter Ooty.

If you do visit you share with your friends exactly to be like our blog, if you like our blog, so this is a blog of the comment box that you can write it. but felt how your blog and comments you and your heartfelt gratitude block making.

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