rio de janeiro tourist attraction
rio de janeiro tourist attraction

The second-largest city in Brazil is having Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Surrounded by nature, surrounded by seas, mountains, and well-developed architecture, this city is a tourist attraction. Some of these are given in the main tourist place.

Cristo Redentor

Named in the world-famous New Seven Wonder is an Art Doco Statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil. Paul is very indescribable Created by Ladowski, on the top of Mount Corcovado.

it is widely regarded as a symbol of Christians around the world. You will see this statue made of concrete and soapstone.

 Cristo Redentor
Cristo Redentor Credits: Flickr

To visit this statue you have to go to the top of Mount Corcovado. Trains are available for this and there is a bicycle to reach the summit which takes you to this peak in twenty minutes. This is a beautiful place.

Copacabana Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Copacabana Beach. You can see many people here on the beach to capturing the beautiful sunset.

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This is a great place to swim. in the night time music is very enticing while walking on the beach like a full curve of blue water that is seen moving in white sand.

Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach Credits: Pixabay

There are also a lot of hotels in this place. These beaches will sell you everything, including cold drinks, baby cucumbers, beach towels.

Arpoador Beach (best Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction

Upon arriving at this beach you will find beautiful views of the beach. After sitting on the rock, you will see a statue of the natural plant, Christ the Redeemer.

At sunset, you can enjoy the sunset in this beautiful place in two brothers mountains.


Sugarloaf Mountain is a tourist attraction in Brazil. There are three ways to get to this mountain, one of which is the cable car.

In this car, you will find much scenery like distant beaches, Guana Bar creek and so on. This tour of the cable car is divided into two places.

Sugarloaf Credits: Pixabay

The first place is from Red Beach to Urka Hill. Another place is the journey from Moro da Urca to Sugarloaf Mountain. This car can travel 65 passengers in total.

Jardim Botanical Garden

Located in the mountains of Corcovado is the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, to the west of Lagoa. The Japanese garden, which is surrounded by many species of orchids, is seen in this garden.

In this garden, you will find the magnificent view of the cherry trees near the wooden pool on the Koi lake. you will find species that are full of plant properties.

Jardim Botanical Garden best rio de jajeiro places
Jardim Botanical Garden. credits: Wikipedia.

you will see some monuments and fountains. Many tourists visit this place to see all these species of vegetation.

Tijuca National park

Tijuca national park is one of the most magnificent flora and fauna in the world. You will see this place full of extraordinary natural beauty.

The scenic Guyanabar Bay, as well as the surrounding cities, are very picturesque.

Parque Lage

Close to the botanical garden is the Parque Lage is a beautiful park. The greenery surrounding these gardens also has a small aquarium and a palazzo.

In the gardens, you will see an old mansion which is an art school. There is a statue of Christ Radium in the parks.

Parque Lage
Parque Lage Credits: Flickr

This is the step to the statue. After leaving the park, there is a coffee shop and a restaurant where you can enjoy your time.

Maracana stadium

Soccer is a very popular sport in Brazil. Merkaba Stadium is very important for a game like a football. Many such players have scored over 1000 goals in this field with the highest record.

It is a very large stadium. If you would like to see the games taking place at this place, you can book VIP tickets at the back.

Maracana stadium
Maracana stadium Credits: Wikipedia

So that you can see the playing field, locker room and players well. The museum’s stadium is open daily for free.

Lapa Arches

Built-in the eighteenth century. The walls of this place are called Lapa Arches. There is an aquatic habitat here. It is built to carry the city of Rio de Janeiro through the Carioca River.

At that time, the nearest entrance to Japa is also mentioned as the largest architecture. Likewise, the nightlife of this place is very popular.


You will certainly enjoy the natural beauty of this place as well as let me know how you feel about the blog. All the new places will keep you informed about this place. If you like the blog, please share and comment. Thanks for reading the blog.


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